Gray wolves in yellow Yellowstone National Park

In 1926 in Yellowstone National Park all the packs of gray wolves got killed off by the military,farmers,hunters and park rangers. people chose to bring the wolf population
back because the elk population was to high. I think it was a good idea to bring wolves back.

The elk over grazed the willow trees which the Beavers needed.  When the wolves came back the elk population went down and there were more willows for the beavers and since beavers made ponds there were more fish.  More willows from means there were more songbirds. More songbirds means more hawks and Eagles. Wolves got on the endangered species act.

Farmers like Montana Madison Valley John Crumley do not like the reintroduction of wolves but they can put a fence up.

Scientists like Smith say the return of the gray wolf has restored the balance of nature in Yellowstone this is a direct quote from Wolf Reintroduction and this is a direct quote from Wolves Change Rivers,Today with three times as many elk willow stands are robust.  That is why I think it was a good idea to bring wolves back.

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