passion project

My goal is to sort the bones.
This week for my passion project I sorted the bones.



This week I am going to test for my high brown belt in taekwondo.
I have already have 8 belts,i need to test 5 more times including my high brown belt.

I have gone to 2 tournaments.  You should try taekwondo!


Gray wolves in yellow Yellowstone National Park

In 1926 in Yellowstone National Park all the packs of gray wolves got killed off by the military,farmers,hunters and park rangers. people chose to bring the wolf population
back because the elk population was to high. I think it was a good idea to bring wolves back.

The elk over grazed the willow trees which the Beavers needed.  When the wolves came back the elk population went down and there were more willows for the beavers and since beavers made ponds there were more fish.  More willows from means there were more songbirds. More songbirds means more hawks and Eagles. Wolves got on the endangered species act.

Farmers like Montana Madison Valley John Crumley do not like the reintroduction of wolves but they can put a fence up.

Scientists like Smith say the return of the gray wolf has restored the balance of nature in Yellowstone this is a direct quote from Wolf Reintroduction and this is a direct quote from Wolves Change Rivers,Today with three times as many elk willow stands are robust.  That is why I think it was a good idea to bring wolves back.


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Old seeds

My class grew old seeds to find out if they would grow. They grew. It was cool and fun. You should do it too. Then we wrote a business letter. We than kept the seeds. Now we are making a Terra Aqua column.


Hello world

Hello I am a 4th grader at Community Montessori.  I like animals.
I do Taekwondo I have gone through  belts but I have to get 4 more to get a first degree black belt.

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Maxwell's folktale

The Farmer and the Fox
A folktale by Maxwell

There once was a young fox who did not know how to find food.  His family got captured by poachers while they were on a hunt.  When the young fox was looking for something to eat, he spotted a farm with easy to catch animals.  

“Mmm rats taste good” said the fox.

The fox wanted to eat the farmer's hens or other animals.  From a window the farmer saw the fox trying to catch a rat but he failed over and over.

“That fox can not catch food” thought the farmer.

So the little farmer's family left out food and a water bowl.  Later that night the fox ate it.

“Finally some food” said the fox.

The farmer’s family were a nice family who paid their own way out of things, the fox soon learned.  The road ahead was too easy for the family, but the fox was still nice to them.  One day the fox was walking around the farm, off went the burglar alarm!  A pack of wolves from the forest was breaking into the meat cooler.  The fox runs into the barn where the meat cooler was.  Then the fox fought off the pack.  It was long and dangerous.  One by one the wolf got picked off by the fox and sent back to the forest with one bite of the fox’s jaws.  None of the meat were stolen.  The family watched the fight from the stables.   The family was thankful because of the bravery of the fox that he saved the meat.  So they can eat it in the long and cold winter.

Four days later the fox got trapped in a spike trap in the forest by a lake.  He was bleeding a lot.  He thought he broke his leg.  The fox howls in pain, the family run and found the fox.  They cut of the spring with wire cutters.  The nice family rescued, healed him and fed him.   The moral of this story is to be nice to others.



I have been taking piano lessons for almost 5 years.  Piano is fun.  My  lessons are 45 minutes long and I practice almost everyday.  I like to play classical music more than pop.  To me, classical music is soothing and calming.  My favorite composer is Beethoven because his music is so dramatic.

I am learning to read music and music terms like Adagio or Presto.  Adagio means to play slow and Presto means very fast.  I also learn composer names such as Bach,Mozart, and Beethoven.
After a few years, I can perform scales

I like music.  I have been practicing a lot with focus and dedication.  I have strong fingers by playing piano so much.  Supposedly, piano has helped me with mathematical skills and logic which I enjoy.


Our mouse died.  Our mouse lived to be two years old.  So we got two new mice.  Their names are Cheas and Mac.  Mac is very tame but you can not say the same for Cheas.  Cheas is fast and jumpy. They have been growing a lot.  We clean the habit every week.  We feed them every day and let them play in the mouse ball.

Never let mice go unwatched.  Mice are fun and a good pet but don't get two males, they will fight.
Our mice like sunflower seeds.  Mice are very social.  We keep a logbook of their health.

I like to watch the mice and pet mac and play mouse ball.
Mouse ball is where we sit in a circle  with the mice in the middle.
Then they will roll in the balls.