Discovery for us (my class) is a simulation on early new world settlers.
First you vote who is who.  You can be mapper,trader,governor,auditor, or recorder.
Then you sail to the new world to colonize land.  When you get land it is worth money.
You can attack other settlers and give gifts. To get land you trade.  

I like discovery because it is an interesting subject.  My favorite part so far is sailing because
It is the lucky part.  The lucky part for my group was even though we lost a ship but we made it there first.

My friend Jane told me that a colony attacker his colony. His defense was okay. The indeons stole 4 horses and a lot of food 0 men were lost!! All is okay now.

We have gotten attacked by Indians before it was awful they still 3 horses. we live close to 3 other sediments. I think our settlements are strong. We have a lot of food. We are low on muskets. We are low on horses.